As part of the Letterheads event we organized in 2016 we painted a huge mural for this iconic brand, with the help of some of the best international mural artists and sign painters. The brief was to create an image to support their tagline: Born in Amsterdam, raised by the world! The mural is located in the old brewery, in the city’s center.

PROJECT LEADER: Nancy Bennett (Walldogs)

DESIGN: Amsterdam Signpainters: Sander Pappot – Zender, Christiaan Dros & Jasper Andries

PAINTERS: Jasper Andries, Alex Klerk, Andrew Patrick Henry USA, Ash Bishop UK, Cheryl McLean Australia Christiaan Dros, Colin Dundas, Dan Luckin UK, Elaine Wallis Canada, Franky Carty Scotland, Sander Pappot / zender, Jeff Marshall Australia, Jeroen Koning, Josh Luke USA, Matt Gunning UK, Meredith Kasabian USA, Mike Meyer USA, Miranda Ensink, Nancy Bennett USA, Noella Cotnam Australia, Richie Chlaszczak Norway, Teunis Spits, Ruben Ooms, Shon Price.

Materials: acrylics on plastered wall.