Amsterdam Signpainters

Gold Leaf Techniques by Anne McDonald (NZ)

Anne McDonald


822.31 inc. Vat

6-8 July 2019


This workshop will introduce a variety of basic gold leaf techniques for those getting started with gilding, or looking to improve their existing skills. Participants will work on a series of three pieces (two on glass, one on aluminium) across the three days, all of which can be taken away afterwards.

Instructor Anne McDonald will guide participants through the processes used to create a variety of effects using gold leaf, including the following. These will be detailed in a printed fact sheet which can be taken away after the workshop.

  • Glass cleaning and preparation;
  • Water gilding on glass;
  • Creating matte centres on glass;
  • Inserting abalone shell;
  • Screenprinting for glass work;
  • Painting blends;
  • Working with variegated gold leaf;
  • Using damar varnish;
  • Surface gilding on timber.
We are offering a 10% discount for past workshop participants. If that applies to you, send us an email to receive a code for personal use.