Amsterdam Signpainters

Gold & glass

Mike Meyer


574.38 inc. Vat

10-11 Juni 2017
09:00 - 17:00
Veemarkt 234, 1019 DG Amsterdam

Can’t be booked anymore


Mike Meyer will be leading this introductory workshop, covering the basic techniques required to work with gold leaf for lettering and sign work. Working on both flat panels, and in reverse on glass, you’ll be guided through the steps required to achieve a variety of different finishes, and techniques that can compliment your gilding. Input will be provided on materials, preparation (including cleaning glass), making size, laying gold, burnishing, and backing up.

The workshop

Is designed for those new to gilding, or with a little previous experience working with gold leaf. You should have some basic signwriting brush skills already as these will not be taught. The class size will be kept small to allow plenty of individual support, and all participants will take away their work on pre-designed panels and glass pieces.

All equipment (with one book each of loose and transfer gold leaf) is included in the price,
as well as lunch and refreshments throughout.

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Glass and gold workshop