Amserdam Signpainters


About us

AmsterdamSignpainters, established in 2016, is a group of creative people people with different backgrounds in type design, illustration and industrial design among others. Sharing a mutual love for the craft wich is so strong, they decided to quit their day to day jobs and start AmsterdamSignpainters.

Besides painting signs, they organize and host workshops to promote and spread the craft. Check the agenda on what workshop is when.


Their various artistic backgrounds make that they master numerous skills together as a group. They will design and execute what you need, as long as it is handcrafted. Working as a group, they can take on bigger jobs as well as several smaller jobs at the time.

Feel free to contact us for anything you’d like to know!


meet the team

Miranda is our creative centipede and thinks faster than anyone’s shadow.

Alex makes your design look handsome.

Jeroen is our casual penman.

Jasper just loves to paint, give him a brush and paint and you won’t hear him all day.

Sander is the most cheerful and colorful designer to work with.

Ruben is a small guy with big brush skills